February 26, 2012

Sunday Morning Decaf

I only care about Mitt Romney's wealth to the extent that he occasionally forgets to pretend that it doesn't exist. As a candidate and potential leader of the free world I think it says almost nothing about his ability to govern, and the notion that people would hesitate to vote for a candidate because they had experienced some level of financial success is ludicrous. Politics is (are?) hard. The president needs to be someone with a proven track record of mediating arguments between opposing sides. It needs to be someone who will work hard to find reasonable compromises.

Having said that, Mitt Romney should not, under any circumstances, be elected president. His exchanges this week with Rick Santorum, another person who should never be elected president, indicated that he either has a very juvenile perception of what it means to be a politician, or, more likely, he just wants to appeal to those voters who have a juvenile perception of what it means to be a politician.

I never thought we would arrive in February 2012 to see Rick Santorum against the other candidates that it's necessary to make compromises, but in the circus of the Republic primaries I should have at least considered the possibility that this could happen.

The exchange above is the first time I've ever heard Rick Santorum say something reasonable. Of course you have to vote for spending you don't always support! Unlike those who live with Ron Paul in his paleo-conservative Candyland, Santorum understands that government does have some interest in preventing unwanted pregnancies that could effect dramatically the cost of providing social services and public programs. I disagree with his approach to the problem (really? abstinence? Are we still clinging to the absurdity of Puritan sexual ethics?) but at least he acknowledges that he needs other politicians to vote for his absurd legislative proposals.